You are invited to a 3 month ministry training school, activating you into your passions, skills, and the culture of Jesus!

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to train and send missionaries to reach high schools and youth with the message of the love of Jesus, in America and the nations. We will make disciples and see students encounter the same message of hope that encountered us.

Every Student. Every Campus. Every Nation.

“I am so encouraged by the work that Brian Barcelona and One Voice Student Missions is doing to impact campuses across the nation. Nothing is more critical in this hour then to reach the youth of America where they are at every day. I am grateful for the heart and passion to lay down their lives for the next generation.”

Banning LiebscherJesus Culture

“It brings great joy to our hearts to endorse the visionary leadership of Brian Barcelona, The founder of One Voice Student Missions. It is obvious that God has called this ministry to bring His good news to high schools.”

Loren CunninghamFounder, YWAM

“On behalf of Christ for all Nations, I would like to fully endorse One Voice Student Mission’s work on the high school campuses of America. l want to encourage the church to get behind what God is doing in seeing the youth of this nation reached with the gospel.”

Daniel KolendaChrist for All Nations

“Brian Barcelona is a young man possessed with the very truth that God wants to reach high schools. He is one-of-a-kind. He has a vision that the Lord has given him and I personally have come alongside of him to help him for the mission that God has given. No high school is too lost or too far gone for the Lord to reach.”

Todd WhiteLifeStyle Christianity

“One Voice Student Missions & Brian Barcelona truly have no fear letting God out of the box publicly to this new generation of today. Waking people up not only letting them know they have purpose but, dreams can come alive keeping it Godster!”

Noel GugliemiActor

“Brian Barcelona is an amazing voice to this generation. We believe through Brian and his team at One Voice Student Missions, many lives will be forever transformed by the incredible love of God and His plan for their lives!”

Pastor Jude FouquierThe City Church Ventura

“Brian Barcelona and his team have made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of high-schoolers. As his pastor I’ve seen his growth as a man of God and I have not doubt that the Lord is going to use One Voice not just to impact the High Schools of America but even of the nations.”

Pastor Netz GomezHouses of Light Church


September 1st to
November 22nd 2019


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OVX will be
held in Pasadena, CA


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Skillset Training Tracks

(select a skillset based team to apply for OV Experience)


As a member of our Creative Track, you will collaborate to create photo, video, and social media projects.


As a member of our Music Track, you will learn how to infiltrate the music industry as a missionary in the areas of songwriting, production, recording, and music marketing.


As a member of our Messenger Team, you will be trained & empowered to preach and facilitate gospel work on campuses.


As a member of our Prayer & Worship track, the pursuit is to grow in deeper love with Jesus through the Word, Prayer, and Worship.

Join Us


Join us for the OV Experience (OVX) in Pasadena, CA to be trained in the culture of Jesus and be sent out as a messenger to high school students all across the nation. We believe that as we catalyze the high school campuses of America it will lead to the beginning of another wave of a student volunteer missions movement.

Change is something in the heart of every person in this generation. OV Experience is a training school to raise up missionaries and touring teams to reach high schools in America and overseas. We believe that we have an opportunity to see a tipping point in our time. Join us to live the lifestyle of a One Voice Missionary, go deep in the Bible, contribute to this expanding movement, and reach the campuses and students across America.


Biblical Study

Sept 1 – Oct 1

During the OV Experience you will be taken on a thrilling journey through Scripture. With an intentional mix of teaching, small groups, and personal assignments you will know the Bible more than you ever have before.

Leadership Immersion

Sept 1 – Oct 1

During the OV Experience you will be immersed in the lifestyle of a campus missionary. You will be trained, coached, given assignments, and work alongside our One Voice Team on high school focused outreaches.

Skill Set Activation

Oct 2 – Oct 28

During the OV Experience you will join a skills-based team and contribute to reaching campuses. The teams choices are: Messenger, Creatives, and Music.

Mobile Lifestyle

Oct 29 – Nov 22

During OV Experience you will join us on local campuses each weekly. Additionally, you will tour with Hope Assemblies, Youth Group Stops, and Jesus Clubs across the LA region and America.

The History of Two Movements

One Voice Student Missions

In 2010 a public high school in northern California erupted in revival as the Jesus Club grew from 6 students to 600 in a month. That 1 school school turned into 6 campuses that were seeing a weekly Jesus Club with around 2000 total students gathering that had given their lives to Jesus. Healings, signs, and wonders broke out as a result of Jesus being preached. This was the birth of a new Jesus Movement in the high schools of America. What we saw then was only the beginning of what we are believing for now and in the future of campus missions. We know that what began in high school gyms will end in stadiums.

Student Volunteer Missions Movement

The Student Volunteer Missions Movement is another example of young people that saw the impossible with a simple YES to God. The Mount Hermon 100 were the first wave to seeing this movement erupt across America and into the nations. During a training time with D. L. Moody the students were gripped with faith. They coined the phrase, “the evangelization of the world in one generation!” A student stood up in the midst of that gathering and called out for volunteers to arise and take on the daunting task of reaching every nation, every people group, and every person with the gospel of Jesus. From that catalytic moment 100 students said yes to lay aside every desire, career or dream to reach the lost. Looking back, we know that this student movement is responsible for sending over 25,000 long term missionaries to the nations.

Today we believe that these 2 movements from 2 generations are now colliding. Once again a Millennial and Post Millennial Generation are saying yes to the task of taking the gospel to those in our generation. We know that through our simple YES tens of thousands of high schools students and high schools will see and hear the Good News.


Q. What should I expect?

Each week will consist of training sessions, worship and prayer, outreach, and project hours. This Experience is different than attending a normal training program. The OV Experience carries an intentional schedule that flows seamlessly with our established One Voice community. All of us throw in to serve and are flexible as needs arise. Our expectation is that during this 3 month experience you will set aside any extra-curricular activities and trips and engage wholeheartedly to seek God with the One Voice community here in Pasadena for the full experience.

*** side note: The school will end right before Thanksgiving break. You will need to travel home for Thanksgiving.  Any interest in becoming a missionary with One Voice, after completing OVX, can be discussed following the Thanksgiving break.

Q. What about housing?

One Voice Student Missions will arrange for you to be housed with other OVX students! Housing will be male/female specific and may range from dorms to group rooms, to Airbnbs. You will live together in community, make crazy memories, and grow in relationship with Jesus. Beds will be provided but it is highly encouraged that you bring your own pillows and blankets. Housing is included in the tuition cost.

Q. What is recommended to bring?

We recommend that you bring a bible, journal, hygiene supplies, your own personal pillow and blanket, at least 2 towels, a swimsuit (if you want to go to the beach), budgeted money for food, a good attitude, and a heart ready to learn.

Q. Will there be transportation while in Pasadena?

Transportation will be provided to and from OVX required sessions. For anything else, there is public transportation availble in Pasadena. Most restaurants and coffee shops will be within walking distance, and there is also a community of people with vehicles who may transport you if they are available to do so.

Q. How much does it cost?

$650 Due: July 15, 2019
Includes registration fee to secure spot & first month’s rent (non-refundable)

$2200 Due: August 21st, 2019
Includes lecture fee and housing (does not include flights or food)

$1500 Due: Oct 5th 2018
Includes tour fee (does not include flights or food)

Total: $4350

Please note that any and all payments towards tuition are not tax deductible.

You will need to fundraise on top of your registration, lecture, housing, and tour fees to personally pay for flights and food.

Q. How can I raise support?

One Voice is a community of self-funded missionaries. Our OVX School will operate the same; every student will be a self-funded student. OVX coaches have fundraising ideas that they will share with you, once accepted!

Please note that any and all payments towards tuition are not tax deductible.

Q. Is food provided?

Food will not be provided by the OVX School. There are nearby restaurants available, as well as space to prepare and cook meals.

Q. Will I have a ride from the airport?

Yes. Please email all flight information to as soon as it’s booked.

Q. When is the earliest and latest arrival date?

Earliest: September 1, 2019
Latest: September 2, 2019

Other Questions?

For any questions please email: